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UF/IFAS Advancement

UF/IFAS Advancement

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Did you know? You can make a charitable gift of livestock, vehicles, equipment, stocks and securities, real estate, and more to benefit an area of UF/IFAS that is important to you.

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Create a brighter future for UF/IFAS through a multi-year pledge, charitable gift annuity, insurance policy, retirement benefit, estate plan or bequest.

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Invest in industry through a gift to the research that keeps it strong. Sponsorships, internships and fellowships are great ways corporations can partner with UF/IFAS.

Together, we GO GREATER.

Our world is facing challenges much bigger than any one person, one organization or one university can resolve, but together we are finding solutions. When visionary researchers, professors and campus leaders partner with equally far-seeing philanthropists, we are limited only by our imagination.

Blog: "Giving for Good"

Year-End Giving

We are grateful for all the support for students, faculty, research, and Extension we received over the past year, and look forward to Going Greater in 2020. From our outstanding students to our cutting-edge research, you know you can expect great things from IFAS. In this season of giving, please consider supporting an area of IFAS that is important to you. Give online: Donate to 

Announcing the UF/IFAS Faculty Fundraising Toolkit

UF/IFAS Advancement has compiled resources to help faculty raise funds for their own programs. With information on ways to give, donation forms, tips for talking to donors, templates, graphics and more, UF/IFAS faculty are equipped to engage their supporters and discuss giving in a meaningful way. To access: Click the “FACULTY TOOLKIT” link at the top of the website. A Microsoft Office sign-in screen will appear.

CALS Graduation Guardians

Did you know? On average, 40% of CALS students graduate with student loan debt. UF College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) Graduation Guardians help students immediately prepare for the workforce without the burden of debt, and encourage at-risk students to complete their degree. UF CALS students graduated with an average of