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UF/IFAS Advancement

UF/IFAS Advancement


UF/IFAS Animal Sciences Giving

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  • Animal Sciences - Provides general support for students and programming within Animal Sciences.
  • Animal Science Beef Teaching Unit Endowment - Supports the Department of Animal Sciences Beef Teaching Unit. The support can be for facilities as well as any research, teaching, or extension activity held at the Beef Teaching Unit.
  • A. C. Asbury, DVM Equine Scholarship - Supports undergraduate scholarships in the department with equine interests, at discretion of chair.
  • American Agrivest Endowment - Supports scholarships and/or fellowships in the Department of Poultry Science.
  • Anita Lee Childs Scholarship/Fellowship - Supports an undergraduate or graduate student (s) in the Animal Sciences Beef Industry degree program; if the Animal Sciences Beef Industry degree program (or similar beef production areas of study) are not available, then it supports other graduate/undergraduate awards in Animal Sciences, if not available, in Agriculture (at the discretion of the Dean of the College); if Agriculture is not available, can be used for Forestry scholarships/fellowships; should none of these be available, to support Military studies program at UF.
  • Bedford Endowment - Supports animal science research and education efforts.
  • Boston Endowment Fund - Supports management and research at IFAS Santa Fe River Ranch Center for studies in Animal Science and Wetlands Research.
  • Cecil Webb Scholarship - Supports scholarships in Animal Sciences.
  • Charles R. Staples Lecture Endowment - supports the Department of Animal Sciences.
  • C. W. Reaves 4-H Dairy Scholarship - Supports scholarship awards to students enrolled in Dairy Science studies in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences who were Florida 4-H Club members prior to enrolling at UF and participated in noteworthy 4-H Dairy work.
  • Dairy Farm Fund - Supports programs, students, and faculty associated with the UF/IFAS Dairy Farm.
  • Dewey and Lynn Burnsed Endowment in IFAS - Supports scholarship and/or fellowship awards to undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Animal Sciences.
  • Don Wakeman Student Judging Support Fund - Supports the UF/IFAS Livestock and Meats Student Judging teams, including but not limited to travel and other costs associated with attending competitions; tuition, salary and fee support for undergraduate and graduate students involved with team activities; technical support positions to assist with product preparation and slaughter plant operations; and any other costs that may be incurred in support of the judging team and its members.
  • Dr. Don Hargrove Endowed Professorship - Supports an endowed professorship in the UF/IFAS Department of Animal Sciences.
  • Elroy L. Decker Scholarship Fund - Supports one or more scholarships; recipient should be FL resident, an undergraduate student demonstrating need, enrolled in Dairy Science, and maintaining B average.
  • Florida Feed Association, Inc. Animal Sciences Scholarship Endowment - Supports student scholarships in the Department.
  • Florida International Agricultural Trade Council Endowment - Supports these purposes: Approximately 60% each fiscal year of scholarships to students majoring in Animal Sciences who have an interest in international trade and who graduated from a high school in Florida; Approximately 40% each fiscal year for travel expenses for the livestock judging individual or team that wins the Florida 4-H Livestock Judging Contest and goes on to compete in the national contest.
  • Floyd "Sonny" Tillman Scholarship Fund - Supports scholarships in the Animal Sciences Department.
  • Folke Peterson Endowment - Supports Department of Animal Sciences Teaching, Research, and Extension Educational programs.
  • Gwen and Tony J. Cunha Scholarship - Supports scholarships for Animal Sciences Department.
  • Harriet B. Weeks Bovine Research Fund - Support a professorship that focuses on teaching, research, technology enhancements and academic programs in the area of bovine research within the UF College of Veterinary Medicine, at the discretion of the Dean.
  • James Hollis Tillman Scholarship Fund - Supports undergraduate students at the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences in the Department of Animal Sciences at UF/IFAS; support to include tuition, books, fees, room and board, and other usual and customary expenses; preferences shall be given to students with need.
  • James A.F. Hofmeister Beef Research Endowment for the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences - Provides support for beef research at the UF/IFAS
  • Jo Ann Smith Fund - Supports scholarships to students majoring in Animal Sciences based on professional potential and leadership ability.
  • Kathryn Harms Scholarship - Supports an annual publication award for graduate students in Biotechnology and Biological Control Research.
  • Koger-Warnick Scholarship Fund - Supports scholarships and assistantships in the Department of Animal Sciences.
  • Lenton Rowland, Jr. and Kitty Fehr Endowment - Supports generous fellowship awards to graduate students within the Department of Animal Sciences in UF/IFAS.
  • Natzke Dairy Science Fund - Supports the Dairy Science Department.
  • R. B. Becker Scholarship Endowment - Supports scholarships in Dairy Science.
  • Sam Tripson Memorial Endowment - Honors the memory of Sam Tripson by supporting programs and students within the Department of Animal Sciences. 
  • Santa Fe River Ranch Center for Studies in Animal Sciences and Wetlands Research Fund - Supports the teaching and research facility for the purposes of beef cattle education and research as well as studies on the beef cattle production on wetlands ecosystems.
  • S. M. Wall Horse Teaching Endowment - Supports the Horse Teaching Unit.
  • Susan Brown Memorial Fund - Supports scholarships to former 4-H, Future Farmers of America (FFA) and junior breed association members who indicate a major in animal sciences; may be used for scholarship awards or undergraduate travel.
  • Susan Meg Weinstein Animal Sciences Graduate Scholarship Endowment - Established in memory of Susan Meg Weinstein, UF alumna, this endowment supports graduate students in the UF/IFAS Department of Animal Sciences who are in their second year or higher; scholarship awarded based on academic excellence and financial need.
  • Wilmer W. and Melda Bassett Endowment Fund - Supports graduate students in the Department of Animal Sciences at UF/IFAS; preference shall be given to students studying dairy science. These fellowships shall be awarded with the greatest possible latitude and may support travel, research, and other appropriate related expenses.